Yanga stunned by Burundians as Kagame Cup starts

By GISHINGA NJOROGE, Managing Editor in Dar es Salaam

THE opening was spectacular; a debutant team from the world’s newest state, South Sudan, receiving respect during a “baptism of fire” and the feverishly supported champions, Young Africans, being whipped 2-0 at the start of the Cecafa Kagame [Club] Cup here in the National Stadium on Saturday.

Unusual things happen in Tanzania when football is played by their outrageously supported club sides, Young Africans [Yanga] and Simba of Dar es Salaam. Nowhere could half a city and country been happier, when some of their countrymen are being tormented in a contest like Yanga were when going down to underdogs but superb Atletico Olympique of Burundi.

The magnificent 65,000 seat National Stadium erupted with scenes of joy by half the multitude, wearing the red and white of city rivals Simba, as the men in green and gold on the pitch and in the terraces, of Yanga, were mesmerized by the Burundians.

At the same stadium in last year’s final, Yanga lifted the Kagame Cup in an emotional final they won 1-0 against bitter rivals Simba who saw Yanga’s defeat on Saturday as an early revenge. Simba get into the fray on Sunday, taking on Uganda Revenue Authority who have never won the title.

The two Group ‘C’ fixtures on Saturday closed the opening afternoon of the 38th edition of annual championship started in 1974 for clubs in the then three East African states before growing into a giant membership of now 12 countries. Often, a top quality guest is invited and this year, Africa champions of 1973, AS Vita Club of Congo [Kinshasa], are main attraction playing in Group ‘A’.

South Sudan, just recently independent, got their Cecafa [Council of East and Central African Football Associations] affiliation, as well of that of CAF [Africa Football Confederation] and Fifa, approved in time for them to take part. El-Salam Wau, a side from the country’s Police force, were inevitably out of depth against the hardened military side from Rwanda, APR, Cecafa champions of 2004, 2007 and 2010.

In the day’s opening game, APR were too polished for the South Sudan rookies, winning 7-0. Leonel St Preus a Haitian player in the APR team and Selemani Ndikumana scored a brace each as Olivier Karekezi, Barnabe Mubumbyi and Jean Mugiraneza added to the score sheet.

Three matches are set for Sunday, one at the National Stadium and two at Azam Stadium in the suburbs of Chamazi, home of a third Tanzania team taking part, Azam FC.

The tournament, traditionally sponsored by Rwanda President Paul Kagame runs from July 14 to 28.

APR (Rwanda) 7 El Salam Wau (South Sudan)

There was a sincere all-round brotherly welcome to the South Sudanese. They were not expected to pose any threats to APR and indeed they did not.

El Salam succumbed to the avalanche of goals because they did not go into the match just contain damage; they tried to be adventurous.

Their best players were the forwards, including skipper Leon Khamis. Therefore, because they tried as often as they could to push forward and get the ball to these men, they were left exposed at the back; and clearly, the art of the defending is what they did not have much ideas about.

The gaps opened and it was merciful that APR missed, unbelievably, especially in the opening quarter of an hour. The tally would have been much higher.

The APR scorers were: Leon St Preus (14’, 52’), Selemani Ndikumana (24’, 54’), Olivier Karekezi (41’), Jean Mugiraneza (47’), Barnabe Mubumbyi (77’).

El Salam Wau coach Sebit Bol Chol said his team had been thrown into the deep end of international football but were prepared for the learning experience. He said they would put the lesson into use in remaining Group ‘C’ matches with Yanga and Atletico.

The difference between Sudan and South Sudan, often described by world Press as being Islamic northerners [Sudan] against Christian south [South Sudan] was rubbished by the composition of El Salam Wau players, eight of who, in a squad of 17, were Muslim, including: Mohamed Abubaker Rebei, Jarues Uyu Abdallah, Musa Juma Ismail, Khamis Deshama Ulama, Sultan Maki Berema, Rabeh Nasir Ndili, Mohamed Mubarak Saleh and Nizar Bihar Taban.


APR - 31. Jean Claude Ndoli: 16. Mbuyu Twite, 12. Selemani Ndikumana (28. Maxine Sekamana, 65’), 7. Jean Mugiraneza, 10. Dan Wagaluka, 9. Leonel St Preus, 25. Johnson Bagoole, 22. Jean Claude Iranzi, 11. Olivier Karekezi, captain (15. Barnabe Mubumbyi, 65’), 23. Kabange Twite, 3. Albert Ngabo (20. Heriman Ngomirakiza, 42’)

Reserves not used - 1. Donatien Tuyizere, Gk; 6. Ernest Kwizera, 24. Nova Bayama, 8. Papy Faty, 2. Habib Kavuma

Scorers - 9. Leon St Preus (14’, 52’), 12. Selemani Ndikumana (24’, 54’), 11. Olivier Karekezi (41’), 7. Jean Mugiraneza (47’), 15. Barnabe Mubumbyi (77’)

Coach – Ernest Brandts [The Netherlands]

El SALAM WAU - 23. Jarues Uyu Abdallah (1. Nizar Bihan Taban, 85’): 8. Mohamed Abubaker Rebei, 10. Oliver Paul Kangi, 14. Thomas Rufino, 4. James Anei Matiel (16. Sultan Berema Maki, 56’) 13. Musa Juma Ismail, 7. Khamis Deshama Ulama (3. Adhel Bugwic Jangkor, 54’), 15. Santino Makueyi Uyu, 11. Joseph Rufino Wasa, 12. Andrea Fideli

Reserves not used - 5. Rabeh Nasir Ndili, 22. Mohamed Mubarak Saleh, 17. Emmanuel Mogga, 2. Edward Simon Jovan

Coach - Sebit Bol Chol

* * * *

Referee - Anthony Ogwayo [Kenya]

Assistant ref - Elias Wamalwa [Kenya]

Asst ref - Josephat Bulali [Zanzibar]

Reserve ref - Waziri Sheha [Zanzibar]

Match commissioner - Masoud Attai [Zanzibar]

Referees’ inspector - Charles Masembe [Uganda]

Media officer - Rogers Mulindwa [Uganda]

Young Africans (Tanzania Mainland) 0 Atletico Olympique (Burundi) 2

No-nonsense striker Didier Kavumbagu inserted and twisted the dagger into the hearts of Yanga supporters with goals in the 80th minute and added time of injury.

It could have been worse for Yanga. Ghanaian goalie Yaw Berko saved them from a bigger thrashing, making some incredible saves, including plucking the ball off the feet of strikers barely a foot from goal in three occasions.

Atletico were fantastic on the ball, their short passes a joy to watch for thousands of Simba supporters who were rooting for the Burundians, opponents of Simba bitter rivals Yanga.

Atletico coach, Cedric Kaze speaking in Kiswahili after the match said: “Tulifahamu Yanga ni tishio hapa Afrika Mashariki, ikawa lazima tuwakabili vilivyo [We were aware how dangerous Yanga are in East Africa and we had to have a plan].”

He said his players were small and would have no chance against the physical strength and height of Yanga therefore instructed them to keep possession through short passing and teamwork.

New Yanga coach Thomas Saintfiet said his team did not play according to instructions. “I am disappointed, angry and dissatisfied. You lose to a good team like Atletico if you do not follow your plan.

“Atletico are a fantastic team, they beat AS Vita Club [DR Congo giants] 4-1 in the [Africa] Champions League. They lost only one match in their league last season, scored 41 goals against only eight. You don’t get serious against such a team, they beat you. Barcelona loses if their players don’t do what they are instructed to do [by the coach]!”


YOUNG AFRICANS - 19. Yaw Berko: 23. Nadir “Canavaro” Haroub, 14. Juma Abdul (11. Said Bahamuz, 62’), 5. Kevin Yondan, 16. Rashid Gumbo (7. Nizar Khalfan, 69’), 15. Ali Shamte, 29. David Luhende, 24. Athman Iddi, 8. Haruna Niyonzima, 10. Jerry Tegete (28. Ladislaus Mbogo, 60’), 5. Hamis Kiiza

Reserves not used - 1. Ali Mustafa, Gk; 13. Juma Seif, 3. Stephano Mwaisika, 12. Idrissa Rashid

Coach - Thomas Saintfiet

ATLETICO OLYMPIQUE - 1. Saidi Ndikumana: 3. Francis Nongwe, 4. Hassan Habizimana (captain), 11. Emery Nimubona, 23. Pierre Kwizera, 14. Gael Duhayindavyi, 9. Claude Nahimana, 2. Henry Mbazumutima, 17. Christopher Ndayishimiye, 7. Didier Kavumbagu, 15. Etienne Karekezi

Reserves not used - 12. Sadiki Majaliwa, Gk; 16. Kevin Ndayisenga, 5. Olivier Nduwimana, 18. Innocent Mbonihanuvye, 10. Ciza Hussein, 22. Divine Gateretze, 13. Christian Mbilizi

Scorers - 7. Didier Kavumbagu (80, 90+ 3’)

Coach - Cedric Kaze

* * * *

Referee - Dennis Batte [Uganda]

Assistant ref -Musa Balikoowa [Uganda]

Asst ref - Peter Sabatia [Kenya]

Reserve ref - Issa Kagabo [Rwanda]

Match commissioner - Hassan Amir [Somalia]

Referees inspector - Robert Anangwe [Kenya]

Media officer - Rogers Mulindwa [Uganda]

* * * *


July 14-28, Dar es Salaam


1. Simba [Tanzania Mainland]

2. URA [Uganda)]

3. AS Vita Club [DR Congo]

4. AS Port [Djibouti]


1. Azam [Tanzania Mainland]

2. Mafunzo [Zanzibar]

3. Tusker [Kenya]


1. Young Africans [Tanzania Mainland] * Champions

2. APR [Rwanda]

3. El Salam Wau [South Sudan]

4. Atletico Olympique [Burundi]


APR 7-0 El Salam Wau

Yanga< 0-2 Atletico Olympique


Saturday, July 14:

1. APR 7-0 El Salam Wau, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [National Stadium], “live” SS9; 5pm Repeat, SS9East

2. Young Africans 0-2 Atletico, 4pm [National Stadium] “live” SS9, 7pm Repeat, SS9East

Sunday, July 15:

3. Simba v URA, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium], “live” SS9

4. AS Vita Club v AS Port, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Azam Stadium]

5. Azam v Mafunzo, Gp ‘B’, 4pm [Nat Stadium]

Monday, July 15:


Tuesday, July 17:

6. Atletico v APR, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9East; “live” SS9

7. El Salam Wau v Yanga, Gp ‘C’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9East; “live” SS9

Wednesday, July 18:

8. Vita Club v URA, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

9. AS Port v Simba, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Thursday, July 19:

10. Atletico v El Salam Wau, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

11. Mafunzo v Tusker, Gp ‘B’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Friday, July 20:

12. AS Port v URA, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 9pm

13. Yanga v APR, Gp ‘C’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 11pm

Saturday, July 20:

14. Tusker v Azam, Gp ‘B’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 6pm

15. Simba v AS Vita Club, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 8pm

Sunday, July 22:



Mon, July 23:

16. B2 v C2, 2pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

17. A1 v C3, 4pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Tue, July 24:

18. C1 v A2, 2pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

19. B1 v A3, 4pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Wed, July 25:



Thur, July 26:

20. Winner 16 v Winner 17, 2pm “live” SS9; “live SS9East

21. Winner 18 v Winner 19, 4pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Fri, July 27:



Sat, July 28:

22. Loser 20 v Loser 21, 2pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

23. Winner 20 v Winner 21, 4pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East


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