2012 Cecafa Kagame Club Cup, Day 5: Ugandan quality football shocks AS Vita Club

By GISHINGA NJOROGE, Managing Editor in Dar es Salaam

UGANDAN representatives URA had already shown they were a team of good pedigree but no one expected them to comprehensively outplay and thrash former Africa champions AS Vita Club of Congo 3-1 when the teams met in a Cecafa Kagame Club Cup Group ‘A’ match at the National Stadium on Wednesday.

The Ugandans solidified their position among the favourites to win this year’s championship when another great display added to their earlier 2-0 beating of another rated team, the record six-time winners, Simba of Tanzania Mainland on the opening day last Saturday.

In the day’s second match, humble AS Port of Djibouti, gave a hectic time to Simba who only prevailed 3-0 after a hard fight.

AS Vita, Africa Cup of Champion Clubs in 1973, are a side of high repute, playing as Cecafa guests for this year’s Kagame Cup edition. They were impressive in the opening game on Sunday when they thrashed AS Port of Djibouti 7-0.

But the fact that they were upstaged by a very confident URA, showed how close Cecafa clubs are to the standards of the top club in Africa.

AS Vita recently regained the DR Congo league championship from arch rivals TP Mazembe of Lubumbashi, back-to-back Africa champions as recent as 2009 and 2010.

On Thursday, another successful side in the history of the Kagame Cup tournament, Tusker of Kenya, enter the fray against Mafunzo of Zanzibar in an intriguing Group ‘B’ where one of the teams, including Azam FC of Tanzania Mainland will bow out before the quarter finals.

The match will be played amid the backdrop of the distressing news of possibly 120 Zanzibar citizens dying in a ferry boat tragedy in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday morning.

Organisers wlere unable to reschedule the Tusker v Mafunzo match on Thursday because it wouldl have meant Tusker later playing matches on consecutive days [Friday and Saturday].

Players in both Thursday matches will wear mourning arm bands as well as mark a moment’s silence before kick off to remember the departed in the sea tragedy.

Tusker has the destiny in their own hands. Mafunzo and Azam having played out a 1-0 draw on Sunday, Tusker can decide who goes with them to the quarters.

All the Kenyans need is to win both matches; the team eliminated being the one which falls by a bigger margin to Tusker.

Tusker were Cup winners in 1988, ’89, 2000, ’01 and 2008, are Kenya’s most successful club in this tournament and, if they win again this year, can equal Simba’s six wins record.

AS Vita Club [DR Congo] 1 URA [Uganda] 3

At a furious pace, both teams played superbly in a barren first half but AS Vita’s Tshimanga Mutamba’s early cannon ball of a free-kick almost broke the crossbar that kept it out.

For URA, Sula Bagala had a yawning goal-mouth in front of him in the 26th minute but shot wide.

AS Vita went ahead in the 61st minute, Kazadi Mutombo tapping home a squared ball by Simbi Ebunga.

The Congolese may then have thought that the balance had tilted; but it hadn’t.

URA were to respond quickly, in the 66th minute, Bagala evading the offside trap to receive a lobbed ball and then beat AS Vita goalie Nelson Lukong who was advancing undecisefully.

Substitute Erias Ssekisambu made it 2-1 in the 79th minute, scrambling the ball in from close after the goalie had made a tackle on the initial attacker.

Robert Ssentongo struck in the 89th minute to confirm the URA victory.


AS VITA CLUB - 16. Nelson Lukong: Issama Mpeko, 3. Ebunga Simbi, 17. Thierry Kasereka, 9. Ilifo Ilonga (captain), 26. Tshimanga Mutamba (10. Emono Ngoyi), 2. Romaric Rogombe (13. Basilua Makola), 4. Nkanu Niemba, 14. Kazadi Mutombo, 19. Lema Mubidi (12. Mapanda Magola), 25. Taddy Etekiama

Reserves - 30. Tchomba Musikila, 6. Pambani Makiadi, 15. Lema Mampuya, 23. Emmanuel Ngudikama

Scorer - 14. Kazadi Mutombo (60’)

Coach - Menard Lusadizu [DR Congo]

URA (UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY) - 24. Yasin Mugabi: 15. Allan Munaaba, 5. Samuel Ssenkoomi, 20. Derrick Walulya, 6. Oscar Agaba (22. Osman Farouk Wejuli), 17. Simeon Massa (captain), 10. Ali Feni, 14. Sula Bagala, 9. Robert Ssentongo, 18. Owen Kasule, 16. Augustine Nsumba (12. Erias Ssekisambu)

Reserves - 25. Brian Bwette, 4. Musa Docca, 23. Said Kyeyune, 19. Samuel Mubiru, 7. Elkana Nkugwa,

Scorers - 14. Sula Bagala (66’), 12. Erias Ssekisambu (79’), 9. Robert Ssentongo (89’)

Coach - Alex Isabirye [Uganda]

* * * *

Referee - Wazir Sheha [Zanzibar]

Assistant ref - Jesse Erasmo [Tanzania]

Asst ref - Elias Wamalwa [Kenya]

Reserve ref - Anthony Ogwayo [Kenya]

Match commissioner - Boniface Nsabimana [Rwanda]

Referees’ inspector - Robert Anangwe [Kenya]

Media officer - Rogers Mulindwa [Uganda]

AS Ports [Djibouti] 0 Simba [Tanzania Mainland] 3

The humble AS Port of Djibouti were a far different team from the one thrashed 7-0 by AS Vita Club on Sunday. This time, a stubborn Port frustrated Simba in the whole of a scoreless first half.

Then in the second, a touch of luck enabled Simba to take the lead in the 62nd minute. Abdallah Juma may have been in an off side position when he scored off a Mwinyi Kazimoto cross, for a sigh of relief from an already anxious partisan Simba crowd in the stadium.

Three minutes later, Simba added the second, Felix Sunzu, who had missed many chances that far, converted a penalty kick after a Port’s Jean Niyobabariba deliberately stopped the ball with his hand.

Juma made it 3-0 in the 73rd minute, scoring with a powerful header from a Kapombe cross.

But the face of frustration in Simba was the Zambian import Sunzu who missed chance after chance before his side made the break through.

In the 25th minute, the striker shot straight into ‘keeper Khalid Moursal’s arms after being fed by ex-Sofapaka of Kenya midfielder, the Uganda international Musa Mudde.

In the 31st minute, Sunzu was again misfiring, wasting another open chance, when failing to stretch his legs to connect with a Kanu Mbiyavanga cross.

AS Port, had a chance for at least one goal in the 54th minute but Daher Hassan Ali’s shot flew just over the bar.


AS PORT - 1. Khalid Ali Moursal: 5. Kadar Abass Abanel, 2. Mohamed Omar Araba, 6. Abdoulrahman Isman, 4. Jean Paul Niyobabariba, 21. Mahdi Ahmed Moumin, 16. Vincent Taboko Agbor, 24. Omar Mohamed Ahmed, 20. Daher Hassan Ali, 9. Roland Ayuk Agbor, 3. Jean Bosco Gasama

Reserves - 18. Shala Omar Ismail, 8. Ahmed Id Mohamoud, 25. Abdillahi Hamadou, 12. Gamil Ali Said, 10. Mohamed Idriss Mohamed, 19. Chirdon Osman Farah, 11. Riyad Said Awad

Coach - Issa Mvuyekure [Burundi]

SIMBA - 1. Juma Kaseja (captain): 26. Hassan Shamte, 17. Amir A Muftah, 15. Shomari Kapombe, 3. Haruna Moshi, 5. Musa Mudde, Amri Ramadhan, 14. Mwinyi Kazimoto, 4. Lino Masombo, 8. Kanu Mbiyavanga, 10. Felix Sunzu

Reserves - 18. Wazir Ahmad, 29. Obadiah Mungusa, 20. Jonas Gellard, 24. Juma Nyoso, 7. Uhuru Mwambungu, 11. Abdallah Juma, 21. Kigi Makasi

Scorers - 11. Abdalla Juma (62, 73’), 10. Felix Sunzu (65’, pen)

Coach - Milovan Cirlovic [Serbia]

* * * *

Referee - Dennis Batte [Uganda]

Assistant ref - Simba Honore [Rwanda]

Asst ref - Musa Balikoowa [Uganda]

Reserve ref - Issa Kagabo [Rwanda]

Match commissioner - Masoud Attai [Zanzibar]

Referees’ inspector - Robert Anangwe [Kenya]

Media officer - Rogers Mulindwa [Uganda]


July 14-28, Dar es Salaam


1. Simba [Tanzania Mainland]

2. URA [Uganda)]

3. AS Vita Club [DR Congo]

4. AS Port [Djibouti]


AS Vita Club 7-0 AS Port

Simba 0-2 URA

AS Vita Club 1-3 URA

AS Ports 0-3 Simba


1. Azam [Tanzania Mainland]

2. Mafunzo [Zanzibar]

3. Tusker [Kenya]


Azam 1-1 Mafunzo


1. Young Africans [Tanzania Mainland] * Champions

2. APR [Rwanda]

3. El Salaam, Wau [South Sudan]

4. Atletico Olympique [Burundi]


APR 7-0 El Salaam, Wau

Yanga< 0-2 Atletico Olympique

Atletico 0-0 APR

El Salaam, Wau 1-7 Yanga


Saturday, July 14:

1. APR 7-0 El Salaam, Wau, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [National Stadium], “live” SS9; 5pm Repeat, SS9East

2. Young Africans 0-2 Atletico, 4pm [National Stadium] “live” SS9, 7pm Repeat, SS9East

Sunday, July 15:

3. Simba 0-2 URA, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium], “live” SS9

4. AS Vita Club 7-0 AS Port, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Azam Stadium]

5. Azam 1-1 Mafunzo, Gp ‘B’, 4pm [Nat Stadium]

Monday, July 15:


Tuesday, July 17:

6. Atletico 0-0 APR, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9East; “live” SS9

7. El Salaam, Wau 1-7 Yanga, Gp ‘C’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9East; “live” SS9

Wednesday, July 18:

8. Vita Club 1-3 URA, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

9. AS Port 0-3 Simba, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Thursday, July 19:

10. Atletico v El Salaam, Wau, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

11. Mafunzo v Tusker, Gp ‘B’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Friday, July 20:

12. AS Port v URA, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 9pm

13. Yanga v APR, Gp ‘C’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 11pm

Saturday, July 20:

14. Tusker v Azam, Gp ‘B’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 6pm

15. Simba v AS Vita Club, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 8pm

Sunday, July 22:



Mon, July 23:

16. B2 v C2, 2pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

17. A1 v C3, 4pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Tue, July 24:

18. C1 v A2, 2pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

19. B1 v A3, 4pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Wed, July 25:



Thur, July 26:

20. Winner 16 v Winner 17, 2pm “live” SS9; “live SS9East

21. Winner 18 v Winner 19, 4pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Fri, July 27:



Sat, July 28:

22. Loser 20 v Loser 21, 2pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

23. Winner 20 v Winner 21, 4pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East


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