Cecafa Kagame Club Cup, Day 6: At this rate, Tusker survival in question

By GISHINGA NJOROGE, Managing Editor in Dar es Salaam

TUSKER of Kenya ended up with a poor 0-0 result after playing unattractive football during their opening Group ‘B’ match against Mafunzo of Zanzibar at the National Stadium on Thursday.

The vastly physically superior Kenyans applied the long ball for almost an hour, intent to muzzle the short passing game of Mafunzo, but the Zanzibaris refused to wilt.

Although never under real threat to concede, Tusker ultimately saw their chance to book a place to the quarter-finals go up in smoke and must now win their other fixture on Saturday against Azam -- the other team in the group -- to be guaranteed a place in the knockout round.

Mafunzo and Azam had settled to a 1-1 draw in the opening match last Sunday.

In Thursday’s other match at the National Stadium, Atletico Olympique confirmed their place in the quarter-finals after beating the eliminated El Salaam, Wau of South Sudan 5-0.

Mafunzo [Zanzibar] 0 Tusker [Kenya] 0

Tusker tactics failed to work. They were hoping to use the long ball right from the start, to reach the Mafunzo box and then use their big men to find the goals.

They also expected to exploit size in the set pieces, especially the corners where defenders including the tall skipper Joseph Shikokoti who came up all the time.

Jerry Santos and Joseph Shikokoti headed off target in the 12th and 24th minutes, a trend that was repeated more times in the match.

They had numerous chances but never dangerous; in fact, wanting in their accuracy. They slowly picked up a reputation of a dull team while in contrast to Mafunzo who entertained with excellent ball control and movement.

The Mafunzo skipper, Suleiman Kassim, was a dynamo in midfield and moved up well to help in the attempts at Tusker goal.

Coach Sammy Omollo ordered some change in attack after Peter Opiyo came off the bench into the middle of the park in the 56th minute. Opiyo slowly influenced an offence through a passing style, and when Obadiah Ndege [63rd minute] and David Makumbi [80’] joined it surprised most people that Tusker could actually move the ball on the ground.

It was a strong finish which almost produced a goal at the death. Ndege was brought down on his way into box and the resultant free-kick, beautifully taken was kept off by the cross bar.

That final mood and style is what Tusker will have to be in and execute when they face Azam in the do-or-die match on Saturday.

Perhaps they were a bit complacent and underrated the Zanzibaris, but Tusker will not afford anything of the sort on Saturday. They will need a win.

A 0-0 draw with Azam will send them [Azam] and Mafunzo at the expense of Tusker. A 1-1 draw would put Mafunzo through while Azam and Tusker toss a coin, but any draw above that score would put Azam and Tusker through and Mafunzo home.


MAFUNZO - 1. Khalid Mohadhi Haji: 5. Ismail Khamis Amem, 6. Ally Juma Hassan, 18. Said Mussa Shaaban, 4. Yusuf Makame Juma, 16. Salum Said Shebe, 10. Ally Osman Mmanga (9. Bakr Ayoub Shaaban, 70’), 13. Juma Othman Mmanga, 12. Suleiman Kassim Suleiman, 14. Jaku Juma Jaku, 15. Mohammed Abdoul Rahim

Reserves - 12. Salum Mohammed Mpangani, Gk; 2. Haji Abdi Hassan, 11. Kheir Salum Kheir, 17. Sadiq Habib Rajab, 3. Sabit Mohamed Abdulla, 7. Wahid Ibrahim Hashim

Coach - Stewart J Hall [England]

TUSKER - 1. Boniface Oluoch: 18. Jockins Atudo, 15. Humphrey Okoti, 26. David Ochieng’, 18. Joseph Shikokoti (captain), 4. Joseph Mbugi, 24. Jerry Santos, 19. Patrick Kagogo, (9. Obadiah Ndege, 63’), 8. Joshua Oyoo, 21. Frederick Onyango (23. Peter Opiyo, 56’), 10. Dennis Mukaisi (17. David Nyanzi Makumbi, 80’)

Reserves - 20. Samuel Odhiambo, Gk; 25. Luke Ochieng’, 28. Andrew Murunga

Coach - Sammy “Pamzo” Omollo [Kenya]

* * * *

Referee - Thiery Nkurunziza [Burundi]

Assistant ref - Simba Honore [Rwanda]

Asst ref - Musa Balikoowa [Uganda]

Reserve ref - Dennis Batte [Uganda]

Match commissioner - Boniface Nsibamana [Rwanda]

Referee inspector - Charles Masembe [Uganda]

Media officer - Rogers Mulindwa [Uganda]

Atletico Olympique [Burundi] 5 El Salaam, Wau [South Sudan] 0

Debutants El Salaam, Wau of South Sudan ended their inaugural lesson of international football with a performance that patched up their porous defence which had let in seven goals each in their previous two games.

This time they conceded two less, falling 5-0 to Atletico Olympique during a match of free flowing football.

The Burundian scorers were: Divin Gateretse, Hussein Ciza, Frederick Nsabiyumwa, Emery Nimubona and Kevin Ndayisenga.


ATLETICO OLYMPIQUE - 18. Innocent Mbonihanuye: 3. Francis Nongwe (captain), 2. Henry Mbazumutima, 15. Frederick Nsabiyumwa, 12. Sadiki Majaliwa, 5. Olivier Nduwimana, 22. Divin Gateretse, 11. Emery Nimubona, 10. Hussein Ciza, 16. Kevin Ndayisenga, 13. Christian Mbilizi

Reserves - 1. Saidi Nduwimana, Gk; 20. Etiene Karekezi, 4. Hassan Hakizimana, 23. Pierre Kwizera, 14. Gael Duhayindavyi, 17. Christophe Ndayishimiye, 7. Didier Kavumbagu

Scorers - 22. Divin Gateretse (2’), 10. Hussein Ciza (38’), 15. Frederick Nsabiyumwa (48’), 11. Emery Nimubona (55’), 16. Kevin Ndayisenga (57’)

Coach - Cedric Kaze [Burundi]

El SALAAM, WAU - 22. Mubarak Mohamed Saleh: 15. Santino Makuei Uyu, 14. Thomas Rufino Thomas, 8. Mohamed Abdallah Rebei, 11. Rufino Joseph Wasa, 16. Sultan Maki Berema, 7. Khamis Deshama Ulama, Nasir Rabeh Ndili, 13. Ismail Musa Juma, 10. Oliver Paul Kangi, 9. Leon Uso Khamis (captain)

Reserves - 1. Nizar Rihan Taban, Gk; 3. Adhel Bugwic Jankor, 12. Fedeli Andres Fideli, 4. James Anei Matiel, 2. Edward Jovan Simon, 17. Emmanuel A Mogga, 23. Jarves Abdallah Uyu

Coach - Sebit Bol Chol [South Sudan]

* * * *

Referee - Israel Mujuni [Tanzania]

Assistant ref - Hamis Changwalu [Tanzania]

Asst ref - Josephat Bulali [Zanzibar]

Reserve ref - Wazir Sheha [Zanzibar]

Match commissioner - Masoud Atty [Zanzibar]

Referee inspector - Robert Anangwe [Kenya]

Media officer - Rogers Mulindwa [Uganda]


July 14-28, Dar es Salaam


1. Simba [Tanzania Mainland]

2. URA [Uganda)]

3. AS Vita Club [DR Congo]

4. AS Port [Djibouti]


AS Vita Club 7-0 AS Port

Simba 0-2 URA

AS Vita Club 1-3 URA

AS Ports 0-3 Simba


1. Azam [Tanzania Mainland]

2. Mafunzo [Zanzibar]

3. Tusker [Kenya]


Azam 1-1 Mafunzo

Mafunzo 0-0Tusker


1. Young Africans [Tanzania Mainland] * Champions

2. APR [Rwanda]

3. El Salaam, Wau [South Sudan]

4. Atletico Olympique [Burundi]


APR 7-0 El Salaam, Wau

Yanga< 0-2 Atletico Olympique

Atletico 0-0 APR

El Salaam, Wau 1-7 Yanga

Atletico 5-0 El Salaam, wau


Saturday, July 14:

1. APR 7-0 El Salaam, Wau, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [National Stadium], “live” SS9; 5pm Repeat, SS9East

2. Young Africans 0-2 Atletico, 4pm [National Stadium] “live” SS9, 7pm Repeat, SS9East

Sunday, July 15:

3. Simba 0-2 URA, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium], “live” SS9

4. AS Vita Club 7-0 AS Port, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Azam Stadium]

5. Azam 1-1 Mafunzo, Gp ‘B’, 4pm [Nat Stadium]

Monday, July 15:


Tuesday, July 17:

6. Atletico 0-0 APR, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9East; “live” SS9

7. El Salaam, Wau 1-7 Yanga, Gp ‘C’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9East; “live” SS9

Wednesday, July 18:

8. Vita Club 1-3 URA, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

9. AS Port 0-3 Simba, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Thursday, July 19:

10. Atletico 5-0 El Salaam, Wau, Gp ‘C’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

11. Mafunzo 0-0- Tusker, Gp ‘B’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Friday, July 20:

12. AS Port v URA, Gp ‘A’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 9pm

13. Yanga v APR, Gp ‘C’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 11pm

Saturday, July 20:

14. Tusker v Azam, Gp ‘B’, 2pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 6pm

15. Simba v AS Vita Club, Gp ‘A’, 4pm [Nat Stadium] “live” SS9; Repeat SS9East, 8pm

Sunday, July 22:



Mon, July 23:

16. B2 v C2, 2pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

17. A1 v C3, 4pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Tue, July 24:

18. C1 v A2, 2pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

19. B1 v A3, 4pm, “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Wed, July 25:



Thur, July 26:

20. Winner 16 v Winner 17, 2pm “live” SS9; “live SS9East

21. Winner 18 v Winner 19, 4pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

Fri, July 27:



Sat, July 28:

22. Loser 20 v Loser 21, 2pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East

23. Winner 20 v Winner 21, 4pm “live” SS9; “live” SS9East


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